American Banker: Payday Crackdown Creates More Problems than It Solves

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There are more payday loan stores in the U.S. than all the McDonald’s and Starbucks stores combined. It’s clear that tens of millions of consumers across the nation want and feel they need this product. It’s equally clear that government policymakers believe they know what’s best for consumers. Recent actions taken by the federal government to eliminate a variety of short-term loan products suggest a strong bias against all such loans – period. If so, regulators need to reconsider before they destroy a critical source of credit for families and the economy as a...

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Barry Brandon in Indian Country Today: Tribes Are Forming a More Perfect Union

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When the course of human events mandates a new forming of political bands between one people and another, that challenge has often been met. This was the foundation of our more perfect union. So it was when the United States saw its tumultuous start. So it was outlined as a core tenet of one of the United States’ most important founding documents. And so it shows its need again today, as Native American tribes and Nations find their most basic rights as sovereign peoples under attack. At the heart of Native American culture is the right of self-determination and self-government—which has...

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Indian Gaming Magazine: Spotlight on Economic Development

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In this month’s Tribal Leader Roundtable, we spoke with three tribal leaders about the status of gaming at their casino properties and what plans they have for the future with regard to economic development. Here is what they had to say… Spotlight on Economic Development Share this:

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Sovereignty shapes county’s relationship with tribal casinos

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Eleven years after the Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians opened Sonoma County’s only casino in the Geyserville hills, the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria will throw open the doors to its far larger gambling palace next to Highway 101 outside Rohnert Park. Both casinos were flatly opposed by Sonoma County government officials and many residents. But one factor above all hamstrung county officials and shaped their dealings with the tribes. That factor is tribal sovereignty. “It’s very significant,” said Bruce Goldstein, an Indian law expert and the county’s...

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New York’s Attack on Tribal Lenders Is a Threat to All Natives

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Despite a clear precedent in last year’s victory by tribal lenders against Colorado regulators, New York state authorities are mounting yet another attempt to erode tribal sovereign rights to operate businesses without state interference. New York’s banking czar, Benjamin Lawsky, issued a written order August 6 against internet lenders – including many tribal entities – demanding that they stop making loans to New York state residents, a threat to revenue streams that support tribal education, health care and other essential services. Lawsky is the former Chief of Staff to Gov. Andrew...

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Indian Tribes Said to Sue N.Y. Financial Regulator

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Two American Indian Tribes said they sued New York state’s financial regulatory agency and its head over his crackdown on businesses that do lending over the Internet, some of which are tribally-owned. A lawsuit seeking a court order against Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services, was filed yesterday in federal court in Manhattan, the Native American Financial Services Association said in a statement. The complaint couldn’t be immediately verified in court records. Lawsky on Aug. 6 ordered 35 online lenders, including at least four tribal...

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